Direct Drive Wind Turbine  

Wind turbine always has a low rotor speed, and must be increased by the gearbox to make the ordinary generator rotate at the rated speed, but gearbox will reduce wind turbine efficiency, and is difficult to maintain as subject to wear. Therefore low-speed generator designed and manufactured for wind turbines with multi-poles can be directly driven by wind turbine rotor, we definite this wind turbine “Direct Drive Wind Turbine”.

For vertical axis wind turbine, disc generator is widely applied in direct drive wind turbine.

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    Direct-Drive wind Generator Overview
Direct Drive Wind Turbine Overview
why are direct drive generators used in Wind Turbines? The main structure form of direct drive generators.
    With Internal Rotor Direct-drive Generator
 Inner Rotor Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive Wind Turbine
The basic structure of the inner rotor permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbine generator is the same as that of the ordinary multi-pole generator. There are three-phase windings on the stator; the salient poles of the rotor are composed of permanent magnets.
    With external rotor Direct-drive generator
Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Turbine
A stator of a permanent magnet generator is fixed on a central axis, and a stator has three-phase winding. The rotor poles rotate on an outer circumference of the stator.
    Intermediate stator disc generator
Intermediate Stator Disc Generator
There is a permanent magnet generator in which stator and rotor are disc shaped and stacked, the stator is fixed in the middle, and the rotor is rotated on both sides.
    Intermediate rotor disc generator
Intermediate Rotor Disc Generator
Stator and the rotor are disc-shaped and stacked, stator is fixed on both sides, and rotor is a permanent magnet generator rotating between the two stators.
    Thin disc permanent magnet generator
Thin Disc Permanent Magnet Generator
Both stator and rotor are disk shaped. The stator is composed of stator core and stator coil. The rotor is composed of permanent magnetic pole and magnetic yoke, the stator is at the bottom and the rotor is on the top, the appearance is thin disc piled up with each other.
    Disc Coreless Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Turbine
Coreless Disc Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Turbine
Introduce the coreless disc permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine composed of an intermediate stator armature disk and two disc rotors, and the stator armature disk with ironless core structure through the 3D animation courseware.
    Principle of Transverse Flux Machine
Transverse Magnetic Flux Permanent Magnet Generator
The generator transverse magnetic flux generator is a new type generator, whose flux circulation plane is perpendicular to the direction of the rotor pole movement.
    Transverse flux Structure of Claw-pole type Generator
Transverse Magnetic Flux Claw Pole Permanent Magnet Generator
Introduces a transverse magnetic flux claw pole permanent magnet generator similar to a claw pole generator.